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Tuning Element Medical Patch Technology

Welcome to Tuning Element, the forefront of groundbreaking well-being enhancement. Our products represent a departure from traditional delivery methods in the body, as they directly nurture your body’s electric system, commonly referred to as the Biofield.

Within Tuning Element, our dedicated Research and Development Team meticulously creates an exceptional array of products under the Tuning Element brand. Our foundational technology revolves around our exclusive Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF) sets, ingeniously encapsulated in waterproof skin patches.

About Our Technology

Tuning Element Medical Adhesive Patches bypass the ordinary delivery systems in the body by directly supporting your body’s electric system, your Biofield. Tuning Element’s Research and Development Team manufactures products under the Tuning Element brand. Our core technology is centered around our unique, supportive Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF) sets, which are contained in waterproof skin patches, water bottles, clips, and jewelry.  We sell directly to the public, authorized dealers, and the global health and wellness industry. 

Our innovative frequency sets help people by supporting pain management and normal cell function via the body’s electric system, the Biofield. Our products have been studied by third-party clinics and labs and published in science and medical literature. 


Medical Adhesive Patch Supports

Tuning Element created a wearable technology that emits microelectronic impulses intended to positively influence cellular energy...

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