Recovery Patch

Introducing the Tuning Element Recovery Patch:

Experience Relief and Wellness with Quantum Medicine.



  • Pain Management: Whether post-surgical or for general discomfort, our Recovery Patch provides non-invasive, effective pain management.
  • Post-Surgical Recovery and Wound Healing: Enhance your healing process with our unique, silicon-based patches, specifically designed to support postoperative recovery and wound healing.
  • General Well-Being and Endurance: Elevate your overall health and vitality with the harmonious frequencies embedded in our patches, promoting a sense of well-being and endurance.

About Our Patches:

Our Recovery Patches are meticulously crafted 3×3 cm silicon-based patches infused with safe metallic salts. These patches feature Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELEMF) imprinted within them. As passive ELEMF products, they are non-invasive and have undergone rigorous research and clinical testing.

Scientific Validation:

  • Phase I Research on Rats: In a phase 1 double-blind study conducted on experimentally injured hairless rats, RFP demonstrated no harm and potential wound-healing enhancement.
  • Resonant Recognition Model (RRM): The RRM revealed that RFP could simulate the activity of traditional painkillers without the side effects, as substantiated in Phase II clinical double-blind studies on postoperative abdominal surgery patients.
  • Reduced Opioid Dependency: Our patches have shown significant pain reduction in post-surgical patients, offering an innovative approach to pain management and reducing the need for opioids.

User Satisfaction and Safety:

Over the last decade, thousands of patients have experienced the benefits of Recovery Patches with high satisfaction and without any side effects. These water-resistant patches can be worn for 3 to 5 days, adhering securely, even in water.

Application and Maintenance:

  1. Place the patch around the surgical incision or on the pain site, either by a healthcare practitioner or the patient.
  2. Peel off the clear plastic cover and firmly apply the patch to clean dry skin. Wet the cardboard backing with warm water for 10 to 15 seconds, then peel off the white paper backing.
  3. For optimal results, change patches every 5 to 7 days or when they significantly fade. Adequate hydration is essential for the patches to function correctly.

Quantum Physics in Action:

Our patches are grounded in the principles of quantum physics. They harness the electromagnetic energy emitted by the body’s cells, maintaining the healthy frequency balance crucial for well-being. By supporting these frequencies, RFP can help prevent imbalances at the atomic and subatomic levels, long before biochemical changes become evident.

The Future of Medicine:

Incorporating quantum medicine principles, our patches are developed and manufactured in the USA by Tuning Element, LLC. They are silicon-based and contain harmless metallic salts, functioning as semiconductors with high memory potential. Activated by the body’s bio-field upon skin contact, they work without any added medication or electrical supply.

Global Availability:

Our Recovery Patches are available worldwide, sold online and over the counter in select pharmacies, stores, spas, and healthcare facilities in the USA, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, delivering the cutting edge of technology in quantum wellness and recovery to those seeking natural, effective solutions.