Women's Health Patch

Enhance: Women’s Health Frequency Patches

Women’s Health Patches offer a natural way to promote hormonal balance and well-being in women. These patches harness Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF), which mirrors the electromagnetic signals emitted by the female body when in a state of hormonal equilibrium. HFPs are non-invasive and distinctly different from Hormone Replacement Therapy, as they contain no medications or herbal ingredients.

Comprised of silicone-based metallic salt-infused patches, Women’s Health Patches are uniquely attuned to ELEMF to support the body’s natural hormonal balance. These patches operate by transmitting vibrational information to the body, and they are entirely free of side effects, contraindications with other treatments or medications, and are safe to use with pacemakers. Notably, among over 10,000 users in the USA, Asia, and Europe, there have been no reported allergic reactions, though users are advised to discontinue use if redness at the application site occurs and seek medical attention.

Enhanced: Women’s Health Patches

Our Women’s Health Patches have been carefully programed to support various aspects of female well-being. These patches can support function  and relief in the following areas:

  1. Promote Natural Hormonal Balance: Women’s Health Patches are dedicated to assisting your body in maintaining a harmonious and natural hormonal equilibrium.

  2. Enhance Regular Menstrual Cycles and Aid in Conception: These patches can help regulate menstrual cycles, potentially increasing the likelihood of successful conception for those trying to start a family.

  3. Alleviate Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS): Women’s Health Patches are a valuable tool for managing the often uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms associated with PMS.

  4. Relieve Menstrual Cramps: If you experience painful cramps during your periods, these patches can provide relief and enhance your overall menstrual comfort.

  5. Support in Managing Endometriosis: Our patches offer assistance in managing the challenging symptoms of endometriosis, a condition that affects many women.

  6. Ease Menopausal Symptoms: Women’s Health Patches can help alleviate the discomfort and challenges associated with menopause, making this life transition more manageable.

Our Women’s Health Patches provide a non-invasive and natural approach to women’s health, offering a comprehensive range of benefits to support your overall well-being.

Application of Women’s Health Patches is straightforward. They are designed to be placed on the left and right lower quadrants of the abdominal wall, specifically at the acupuncture point ZgongEX-CA1 (above each ovary). To apply, remove the clear plastic cover, firmly attach the patch to dry or clean skin, and ensure the cardboard backing is moistened with warm water for 10 to 15 seconds before removing the white paper backing. These patches remain securely in place for 3 to 5 days, even when exposed to water. For consistent effectiveness, users are encouraged to alternate between two patches, replacing one every 3 to 5 days.

Optimal hydration is essential for the proper functioning of Women’s Health Patches. 

Quantum physics examines the behavior of the smallest elements within the human body, particularly cells, through the lens of quantum principles. Every cell in the body emits extremely low electromagnetic energy, in sync with the Earth’s natural frequency. Maintaining the balance and flow of healthy frequencies at the cellular level is crucial for overall health.

Unlike traditional medicine, which addresses diseases through biochemical changes, quantum medicine explores the root causes of disease at the atomic and subatomic levels, focusing on changes in frequency emissions and imbalances within cells. Each cell generates an extremely low electromagnetic frequency, vital for normal cellular function and communication. This type of electromagnetic frequency is utilized in medical tests like EKGs and EEGs.

When energy channels become blocked, cells lose their essential energy, leading to abnormal frequency emissions and the potential development of disease. Harmony Patches introduce healthy electromagnetic frequencies to unblock energy channels and support the body’s electromagnetic balance, thereby promoting normal bodily functions.

These innovative patches, developed by Tuning Element, LLC in the USA, are compact, measuring 3×3 cm in diameter. They are composed of silicon-based material infused with harmless metallic salts, making them doped semiconductors with high memory potential. These patches are specifically engineered to resonate with certain organs and support their proper functioning, without the addition of medications or an external power source. Activated by the body’s bio-field upon skin contact, these water-resistant patches can last up to 7 days. They are entirely safe, free of side effects, and non-addictive.

Women’s Health Patches are currently available online and over the counter in select pharmacies, stores, spas, and doctor’s offices in the USA, Asia (Taiwan), and various European countries, including England, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.