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Mode of Action of Tuning Element

Brasovan S, MD, FACOG


Tuning Element Patches (TEP) are Silicon base, infused with harmless metallic salt and imprinted with Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEF). TEP has been developed by Tuning Element LLC. Anecdotal reports and testimonials have shown that TEP is beneficial in pain, behavioral, and hormonal management. Phase 1 study: TEP has been researched, and the research has found that the TEP is not harmful and that may enhance wound healing. TEP has been analyzed by the Resonant Recognition Model (RRM). Phase 2 multicenter studies were completed, published in peer review journals, and presented nationally and internationally.


It is time to revisit a paradigm of a biochemical approach to pathophysiology and pharmacologyInitial pathological processes occur on a quantum-molecular level but are not addressed by the current biochemical paradigm. Utilizing a pharmacological approach to treat pathophysiological changes already in progress is time-consuming, costly, and laden with side-effects. With the development of Quantum Physics, a new possibility to consider pathophysiology has emerged. Quantum Biophysics gave birth to Quantum Evidence-Based Medicine and Nanobiotechnology in the last century. This approach concentrates on nonbiological changes that occur on a quantum level in the human body prior to any biochemical changes. Many research projects have been underway in this field, especially at Tuning Element Research and Development Department, as well as at leading universities in the U. S. A. and abroad. To quote May Wan-Ho: The Human body is a collection of “quantum molecular machines.” ¹

In the last decade, a new class of health-related products has been developed: this new class utilizes Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELEMF). The frequencies in these items are imprinted with an energetic message, which is passively transmitted through skin contact and interreacting with the body tissues through RRM.² This type of imprinting technology is not new. Presently this technology is used every day in electronics by imprinting microchips with different frequencies. Tuning Element is pioneering in the production of passive ELEMF items that are presently available and sold over the counter (OTC) to support health and wellbeing.*

Tuning Element  Patches (TEP) are non-invasive and permanently attuned with ELEMF. TEP patches should be applied to designated points of the body. Lasting from a few days to about a week, they do not fall off and cannot be felt by the wearer. They can be worn in water, so taking a bath or shower, or going swimming, will not damage them. The patches work strictly by sending vibrational information to the body. These patches contain frequencies for support of particular body functions. TEP mode of action was elegantly described in a published scientific article in the peer-reviewed journal Transactions on NanoBiosciense.³ 

TEP uses no medications, herbals, or supplements. They do not require an electrical supply. They should be considered passive energy products. TEP’s are available OTC in selected pharmacies, medical offices, medical spas, health food stores in the U. S. A. In Europe: Slovenia, England, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and in Asia: Taiwan.


Technology for better care

Why Choose Tuning Element Medical Patches

Flexible for comfort

Our patches are flexible and ultra comfortable. Most people don't notice they have them on.

easy application

Apply Patches to almost any place on the body without the need for additional adhesives.

Lasts 3 to 7 days

Outlasts other Patches with multi-day adhesion and function.


Our Patches are Non-Transdermal and Hypoallergenic allowing safe multi-day wear.

Drug & Chemical free

No drugs or chemicals are used.

Herb free

No herbal ingredients are used.

no odor

There is no odor that is often associated with patch products.

NO Side Effects

Safe to use with no side effects or contradictions