Be Nu Patch

Be Nu Patches – Supporting Behavioral & Emotional Wellness

Be Nu Patches are designed to provide comprehensive support for various aspects of well-being, specifically addressing behavioral and mood disorders, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and promoting a general sense of mental wellness.

What Sets Be Nu Patches Apart:

These 3×3 cm silicon-based patches are infused with a trace amount of non-toxic metallic salts and imprinted with Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF). Functioning as passive ELEMF products, they have undergone rigorous research to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Research and Clinical Studies:

  • Phase 1 double-blind studies were conducted on experimentally injured hairless rats, revealing that Be Nu Patches are non-harmful.
  • The mode of action was analyzed using the computerized Resonant Recognition Model (RRM), which indicated that these patches could influence and normalize synaptic pathways without any side effects.
  • A Phase II double-blind clinical pilot study involving patients with attention deficit disorder demonstrated that the ELEMF group showed significant improvements in behavior and attention compared to those receiving standard therapy.

Positive User Feedback:

Anecdotal testimonials from numerous satisfied users have shown significant success in supporting anxiety and mood disorders. Over the past five years, thousands of customers in the USA, Europe, and Asia have reported no side effects while using Be Nu Patches.

Application and Usage:

Be Nu Patches can be applied at acupuncture points recommended by your health practitioner or on the upper part of the breastbone (sternum) or between the shoulder blades along the spine. To apply, remove the clear plastic cover, firmly place the patch on dry (or clean if the skin is greasy) skin, and thoroughly wet the cardboard backing with a paper towel or washcloth dipped in warm water. After 10 to 15 seconds, peel off the white paper backing. These patches remain effective for 3 to 5 days and are water-resistant.

It is important to maintain proper hydration for optimal patch performance. For the best results, we recommend using Tuning Element’s Aqua Tune Bottle, which produces structured water. Structured water frequency enhances the effectiveness of the patches.

The Science of Quantum Physics:

Be Nu Patches operate on the principles of quantum physics, a field that explores the behavior of matter at the smallest scale. At this level, the human body, like everything around us, is composed of atoms and subatomic particles that emit electromagnetic energy and vibrate at specific frequencies. Maintaining the balance and flow of these frequencies is essential for good health.

In contrast to conventional medicine, which addresses diseases after biochemical changes have occurred, quantum medicine recognizes that diseases originate at the atomic and subatomic level due to imbalances in frequency emissions. Each cell in the body generates an extremely low electromagnetic frequency that plays a crucial role in normal cellular function and communication.

These patches, developed by Tuning Element, LLC in the USA, are 3×3 cm in diameter and embedded with an extremely low electromagnetic frequency blend tailored to resonate with specific organs and support their normal functions. They contain no added medications or require an external power source, relying on the human bio-field when in contact with the skin.


Be Nu Patches are available online and over the counter in select pharmacies, stores, spas, and doctors’ offices in the USA, Asia (Taiwan), and various European countries, including England, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.